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Wild Cat

Wild Cat

Like a true nature’s child
We were born, born to be wild
We can climb so high
I never wanna die

Born to be wild

Born to Be Wild. Steppenwolf


Soul plane holidays

Soul plane holidays

And I grew strong
And so you’re back from outer space
I just walked in to find you here with that
sad look upon your face
I should have changed that stupid lock
I should have made you leave your key
If I’d’ve known for just one second you’d
back to bother me

I Will Survive. Gloria Gaynor

The Homecoming

The Homecoming

In Perinthia’s streets and square today you enter cripples, dwarfs, hunchbacks, obese men, bearded women. But the worse cannot be seen; guttural howls are heard from cellars and lofts, where families hide children with three heads or with six legs. Perinthia’s astronomers are faced with a difficult choice. Either they must admit that all their calculations were wrong and their figures are unable to describe the heavens, or else they must reveal that the order of the gods is reflected exactly in the city of monsters.

Italo Calvino

La Promenade

La Promenade

Once, early in the morning, Beelzebub arose,
With care his sweet person adorning,
He put on his Sunday clothes.

He drew on a boot to hide his hoof,
He drew on a glove to hide his claw,
His horns were concealed by a Bras Chapeau,
And the Devil went forth as natty a Beau
As Bond-street ever saw.

The Devil’s Walk. Percy Bysshe Shelley


Men don’t read!

Men don't read!

Don’t worry I often go to dinners and parties
With some old friends
Who care for me,
Take me back home and stay.

Monochrome floors, monochrome walls,
Only absence near me,
Nothing but silence around me.
Monochrome flat, monochrome life,
Only absence near me,
Nothing but silence around me

Monochrome. Yann Tiersen